Tiger eye jewellry

Tiger eye jewellry is one of the best stone for enhancing the power of one’s will. At the same time, it also helps to maintain the acquired wealth. Most of the colour of the tiger’s eye is mixed with both earthly brown and golden. The silky golden glow is designed in the different shades. Most of the notable occurrences exist globally especially in the regions of South Africa including Western Australia. The tiger eye is also pointed towards the practical sense and also enhances the presence of spirit. On the other side of the flip, it increases the concentration and balances both the left and brain hemisphere. There is a greater sense of security in this stone and also it supports the soul; popularly known to be the guarding stone. It increases the power of confidence and also brings the prosperity in the different form of the material values. There is no any illusion and it is specially fitted to the solar plexus chakra. Both the sense of the personal ability including the power is maintained and balanced. It gives a great promotion for peace and calm; especially in the times of disturbances and great changes.