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Stone Tiger Jewelry

Most of the tiger eye stones can be found in the Northern Cape Province in South Africa including Thailand. On the other side of the flip, it can also be mined in the Namibia, USA, Canada, and China etc. It has its own unique name because it more or less resembles the eye of the cat or a tiger. The major colour is yellow-brown to the golden brown and it is an attractive stone due to the list of the band of colours it has. The tiger’s eye is considered to be the most powerful and mysterious one because of the all-known factors.

In other words, it can be said that it is a greater stone that it exaggerates the energies of the quartz, crystal including the stone. This stone can also be paired up with the favourite quartz, crystal, and magnification is also possible here. For the folks who are looking for both balance and harmony, they can have a try in it. On the other side of the flip, it is a greater stone to come out of fear and the anxieties. It also gives courage, the strength of mind including the self-confidence in order to tackle anything in the life. One can also accomplish the goals because of the increased focus and the creativity. At the same time, one can also be filled with the confidence including the optimism. The real fact is that it is used an amulet in order to protect from any ill wishes or curses.

The real fact is that it heals the sickness and removes the pain in the human body. It also benefits the people who are suffering from severe problems such as the mental health problems, sinus congestions, easing vision problems including the personality disorders. There will be the great integration of the energies in the brain and make a person think more clearly. The metabolism rate will be increased and also keep the energy level high. If anyone is suffering from the broken bones; then this tiger eye stone helps heal it and also facilitate a faster recovery from the neck or spinal problems. Due to this precious stone, a person can be both physically and mentally active.

The folks, who wish to enhance the wealth, boost up with the money flow and also to create more opportunities for the growth, then this golden stone can be used. It also brings greater abundance and prosperity in one’s life.

In brief, we can say that a tiger’s eye brings the insight into the complex situations, protects from the negative energy, helps to focus the mind, the attraction of good luck, deepening of one’s meditative state, dispel also the fear and there will be greater promotion of the mental clarity. It is said to be the birthstone of the astrological symbol of Capricorn.

Depending on the several needs, one can choose a typical one in the tiger’s eye such as the several tumble stones in a bowl. One can also decorate with the sphere which is made from the tiger’s eye. It is said to be that the feng shui is the best option in order to benefit from the super energies of the crystal stone. Starting from the tiger’s eye bracelets to the pendants the folks can choose it.

What is the power of Tigers Eye Stone in the relationship?

The tiger’s eye takes a proper action on the love life. With the aid of the tiger’s eye stone, a person can stay single if he/she is not interested in the relationship at the present. It also helps a person to understand how they are feeling and also guide towards them in the right direction. On the other side of the flip, the folks will decide the right decision and also find the genuine happiness. The flow just continues and the folks can have a view to seeing where it takes them. One can achieve a clear head and a light heart, one can easily found it. The other advantages are that one cannot be easily carried by the emotions; they will become calmer and also more centered. One can also realise that it is easy to make a commitment and also the heart is light and free.

The real fact is that Tiger’s eye is the stone of balance in order to view, understand and also accept the situation. It will help you to be a mediator and also the base of the major reason in any critical situation. There will be a good understanding of both cause and effects of all the situations. Life is not a playground and just say yes or no because the emotions can go beyond the control. Because of the at most energies of the tiger's eye in the life, one can realise the overall consequences of the actions. Sharpening of the senses is also possible so that any advantage will not be taken based on the love and the trust. Tiger’s eye also exhibits the strongest desires when it comes to the complicated subject of the love. By keeping the tiger’s eye stones closer it helps the person to fight for the addictive behaviours which affect your total happiness. Some of the folks do not prefer to wear it on the body; it can be in a particular direction in order to promote the activity, love etc. At the same time, it also brings more passion and a good friendship in one’s life. Hence these stones are the best one and it is hands of the folks to choose the right one.



  • Are the Jewelry sold in your shop, hallmarked?

    Yes, all the Jewelry sold in our shop are hallmarked. We have all 916 and 22-carat gold and the rest of the two percent are filled with copper.

  • How long will my order take to be delivered?

    The delivery of the order varies according to the availability of the Jewelry that you have ordered.

  • How can I pay for the services?

    If you are purchasing in person then you can either go for cash or card payment. But if you are choosing to purchase online then you can either pay online or prefer to cash on delivery.

  • How do I contact Stone Tiger Jewelry?

    Reach us through our website’s contact page, email us or call us for your queries and you are always welcomed to visit our shop in person.

  • Can orders be placed from abroad?

    International shipment is available for everyone who lives overseas and kindly does note that overseas shipments will cost accordingly.

  • Do you make custom made Jewelry?

    We are happy to receive orders that are customized by our customers, although we will charge more than the normal prices this isn’t much expensive when compared to the work and the elegance.

  • When will my account get debited?

    Your account will get debited as soon as the item is delivered to your place, we thoroughly check whether the item is dispatched or, not and will debit the money from your account. We will send you notification over SMS once the item is delivered.

About Tiger Eye jewellery

There is a wide range of Tiger Eye jewellery online available at the most reasonable price and we are the best online shopping site offering the authentic tiger eye jewellery at the fastest delivery service. One can easily shop on our website, just select the product, add to the cart and finally pay the payment in just three simple steps. The products will be dispatched within forty-eight hours. We produce the largest collection of both precious and semi-precious gemstones.

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